Human Resources Services Motorsport

Men and Engines, Talent and Passion

HRS (Human Resources Services) is the leading Italian provider specialising in human resources for Motorsports; it has gathered the sector’s main companies to offer the best services to teams, companies and professionals.


HRS is based on over twenty years of experience in Human Resources and is able to support its partners in all aspects related to the training, research and management of technical staff for racing teams and companies specialising in Motorsports (mechanics, data engineers, race engineers, technical directors, designers, truck drivers). Having the right people in the right place is a key factor for success!


Thanks to increasingly complex challenges posed daily by competitions, companies must take a different and innovative approach to the organization and development of their staff. The support of a specialist partner allows operators to concentrate their energies on core activities. The identification of the right staff and human resources management is at the foundation of every company: appropriate management ensures excellent performance and results.


HRS makes use of partnerships and consultancy with the sector's top professionals; the organisation operates at both national and international level. HRS Motorsport develops Consulting Services relating to human resources, technical support for motorsport teams and companies, training with the Academy Motorsport and freelance/contractor management.

Our services

Technical Support Staff Outsourcing - Contractor - Freelance

HRS Services Motorsport is able to:

  • Identify and create project teams based on customer needs by combining technical skills with soft skills
  • Manage working groups supporting Teams and Companies in all the activities associated with HR management
  • Manage and organise staff on the basis of the competitive programs or projects to be carried out.
  • Identify the best contractual solution for managing staff based on the type of project that the customer must develop

Specific training for Motorsports

Through its reference partner MTS Motorsport Technical School of Monza, HRS Motorsport can:

  • Create specific training courses for teams and companies
  • Support customers in identifying the school's best students in order to hire them
  • Work on professional growth courses for the staff of teams and companies

Human Resources Consultancy

Thanks to its experience, HRS Motorsport can support teams and companies with:

  • Work environment and career path analyses
  • Staff search plans and selection process organisation
  • Employer Branding
  • Support in creating training internships
  • Outplacement
  • Competency Assessment, Performance Management
  • Mentoring



  • HRS Motorsport knows how to best represent company brands wanting to invest in motorsports on racetracks or at specific events
  • Ensures presence at racetracks or events as a reference point, offering direct contact with key clients and guests of the brand represented, in order to share the promoted experiences directly with them and receive immediate feedback.


  • Telemetry Analisys
  • Engine Testing
  • Calibration
  • Test & Validation
  • Vehicle Dynamics

Communications Consulting Services

HRS Services Motorsport is able to:

  • Develop a communication plan and editorial plan suited to your needs
  • Create engaging content for social media to attract users, sponsors and riders
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Manage corporate communication to create awareness and brand reputation
  • Press office activities: press release, reportage, interview, press conference, press review and manage media relations
  • Organize and promote events
  • And much more in the fields of communication, digital and events